DD Nature Corporation Co., Ltd.

DD Nature Corporation Co., Ltd.

If you want a full experienced team who can provide a full range of exceptional services to manage your properties, we are the company which can fulfill all the requirements you deserve.  We do not only provide you the good quality of service with good controlling system in order to obtain the standard quality of work, but also care for your needs and satisfaction which are our utmost priority.  With over 20 years of creditable experience, we are confident that we can make satisfy with our services.

DD Nature offers you the standard of services :

  1. Consultancy service for a full range of property-care services, in order to save your time from contacting servicing companies.
  2. Team members with many years of experience.
  3. Excellent benefits and closed supervision of employees to maintain minimum staff turnover rate.
  4. Continuous training programs to ensure that all employees understand the nature of the business.
  5. Focus on all the needs of the clients, in order to ensure the service excellence in our support.
  6. Solve all problems promptly and enthusiastically.

Company Vision “To be the leading company who provides the excellent quality of services.”


  1. To maintain the minimum standards of all our employees and continually improve their skills in order to ensure meeting the clients‘expectations and excellent service standards.
  2. To obtain and procure the most suitable technologies for our services so as to ensure we provide our clients with utmost satisfaction.
  3. To ensure an ideal management system by building good team-work amongst fellow employees.
  4. To enthusiastically provide services that meet clients’ satisfaction.


  1. To manage, control and balance the cost and profit of the company.
  2. To improve skill and quality of employees by providing continuous training programs.
  3. To acquire modern and suitable technologies to be used in the company.
  4. To promote and support the regular training of employees in management level.
  5. To provide rapid service, in order to achieve clients’ satisfaction.

Company Profile

22nd February 2002

With a team of members who have years of experience in property care service business, the company was founded under the name of DD Nature Corporation Co., Ltd to provide cleaning and pest management service to clients throughout Thailand.  As a result of our success in client satisfaction, in our service quality and closed supervision in ensuring top-rate service standards, we have more than 2,000 personnel in our company.

Year 2008

Servicing of Hygiene products have been added in order to provide more variety of services and make your organization a more fresh and livable atmosphere to work in.

Year 2009

Security service has been added in order to provide the full range of services to the clients and be a choice for clients who look for the closed supervision service.  The service is offered by team members who pay absolute maximum attention in providing the quality of services in security service standards.